Apr 052012

A moment in the life of Carl and Ellie

The beginning of Up is the greatest writing for the screen that I have ever seen. The rest of the movie was good, but the scenes that tell the story of Carl and Ellie’s life together are uparalleled in television and movies. They tell a story of decades together without saying a word. The images are breathtaking, and the reason for that is (at least partially) the economy of words used in writing them. If you read the script, you will see what I mean. There isn’t a spare word to be found, and it makes for movie magic. I cried. You cried. We all cried. The beginning of Up is scriptwriting at it’s absolute best, and that’s why I wish I had written it.


  1. Bill Coffin says:

    Whew. I just read that portion of the script and now I’ve got something stuck in my eye. Wonderfully done. And yet another wonderful entry. Thanks, Scott.

  2. SaratogaJen says:

    Yup, never saw UP, but reading that totally made me cry… Thanks for sharing…