Mar 312012

Private Ryan, now an old man, wondering if he lived a life worthy of the sacrifices these men made for him.

Saving Private Ryan did something no other movie has ever done, at least not that I am aware of. It showed us, in gory, vivid, horrible detail what American soldiers did to save us. Then it asks us all if we, and the way we live our lives, are worthy of their sacrifice.


It didn’t have to exaggerate the horrors of war for the magnitude of their sacrifice to sink in. All it had to do was show war as it actually is, and make us feel like Private Ryan, the one these men give so much to save.  That was done magnificently, and it was overwhelming to me and many other people, but that’s as it should be. The enormity of what these men- and other soldiers throughout history- gave for us cannot be understated.  We should all be immensely grateful, and this movie made us feel that, and that’s why I wish I’d written it.