Jul 282010

This blew my mind.

I’ve been to three major film festivals for screenings: Toronto, Sundance, and Tribeca. This put all of them to shame. It was in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Walking in and seeing statues of Oscar put a lump in my throat. The red carpet last night had twice the press of any of the festivals. They were practically stacked on top of each other. At each of the festivals, there was one spot to stand for still pictures. Last night there were so many photographers we had to stand three different places so they could all get pictures. Some turned out great. Some revealed just how blotchy my skin is, so now I get why even guys get vain about their skin in this town. If I was doing this regularly, I would pay attention to my skin too. Though it does look good in this one:

Me on the left with my good friend and fellow "Get Low" writer Chris Provenzano at the Hollywood premiere

While this is the only Hollywood Premiere I’ve ever been to, several celebrities came just to see our movie. On the red carpet my wife saw Mira Sorvino. Inside she ran into John Lovitz and Christine Lahti. Walking around the theater before the screening I saw seats reserved for Billy Bob Thornton and Ryan Gosling. At the reception afterwards we had a lovely conversation with Bobby Costanzo, who was thrilled that my screenwriting comrade Chris was a “paisano.” Bobby and his wife were great fun to talk with, they are fans of great movies and really appreciate the craft of movie making. We also had the chance to talk Michael Barker and Tom Bernard, the heads of Sony Pictures Classics. Today we found out James Caan had also been there. With over a thousand seats, those are just the ones we know.

This was also the last stop on the “Get Low” press tour. It has been a crazy, crazy eleven months promoting this movie. The publicity isn’t over. I have some phone interviews coming in the next few days and some interviews around Atlanta. But the traveling is finished. Unless the unthinkable happens and the script gets nominated for an award. But that’s something to think about later.

Right now, it’s your turn. I’ve been working on this movie for ten years, and finally you can go see it. If it’s not in your area yet, I expect it will come in August. To demand it in your area, go here.  You finally have the chance to go see this amazing movie that’s taken so many incredibly talented people (and me) so long to finish. It has been an amazing ten years getting it ready for you. I hope you enjoy it.