Mar 272012

Jack Shephard and John Locke

For me, Jack Shephard and John Locke are what made Lost so compelling. Sure, I wanted to know what the deal was with the island (to be honest, I still do). The storylines of the other characters were both interesting and engaging, and there were many, many people on that show that I cared about deeply. But ultimately, Lost was a story of faith, and the struggle to believe, and that struggle was best lived out by John Locke and Jack Shephard. John, the ‘shaman’ of the island, believed. Jack, the logical, scientific doctor, did not. There was more to it than that, but there also wasn’t. That was the core of their struggle. This is my favorite conversation between the two:

Those are great questions, and the answers to them are long, complex, and moving. Further, what happens to them as a result of their choice to believe or not, and what to believe in, or not, was stunning.  There are very real consequences to the choices each character makes as a result of their faith, and how those choices changed them was profound.

I didn’t love this show because of the island, the plot, or any of the other characters. I liked it because of those things, but I loved it because of John and Jack. They were the reason I watched, and they are why I wish I had written “Lost.”