Mar 252012

Memento blew my mind. I saw it years ago, I still can’t believe it, and I have no idea how Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan Nolan wrote it except to say that they are geniuses.

Memento is the story of Leonard Shelby, who is trying to find his wife’s killer while hindered by a memory loss disorder. Leonard has no long term memory after his accident, and his short term memory goes back only about fifteen minutes. He often “wakes up” without any idea where he is or why, so he leaves himself sticky notes. The film has two converging story lines, one told in black and white and in chronological order, the other in color and in reverse order. They all come together masterfully at the end.

This just blows my mind

Here you see the plot of Memento charted out in parallel, and here is a link to a version you can actually read. As I mentioned before, I am in awe. It is the most creative movie structure I have ever seen, and I remain mesmerized by it today. That’s why I wish I had written it.