Mar 222012

The Soprano family sits down for a meal together.

The picture to the right sums up why I loved The Sopranos.  A lot of people will say it was a show about the mob, and that’s true- partially. But it was only true because the mob is a family, and that’s what the show was really about.

Tony Soprano is a guy with two families,- the mob, and his wife and children. The show is about how he balances those two as a very flawed man.  Right from the start, Tony is clearly a man of many contradictions. He is a big, strong boss of a mob family, but he needs therapy to cope with the pressure. He loves his wife, but he cheats on her.  He has all the things a person could want: power, money, and a great family. Yet he’s miserable.

Tony Soprano is a set of walking contradictions, and yet it’s all amazing. He’s one of the greatest characters in television history, a man of such depth that when we felt like we knew him. Most of us were glad we didn’t because he was a scary guy, but that’s part of what made the show work too. On the one hand, we all loved Tony Soprano. On the other, we loathed him. That was another contradiction that worked so well, and made the show so incredible.

Characters like Tony Soprano don’t come around very often. Getting to know him was quite the journey, and he is the reason I wish I had written this show.