Jul 152010

First, there’s a new website up for Get Low. It’s really great, and it’s here:

Click to visit the Get Low website.

While it’s a great website, Sony got the story wrong about where the movie came from. I first heard the story at lunch with my wife’s grandfather. He’s the real Buddy Robinson, played by Lucas Black. I had the idea for a movie and emailed Chris Provenzano, an old college friend working as a screenwriter in Hollywood. We got to work creating a fictional story based on the actual event, but we only knew three things: there was a funeral for an old man who was still alive, there were rumors of a murder, and ten thousand people came. That was it, but that was all we needed to create the story of Get Low.

The process was agonizingly slow. It took us a year to get a solid screenplay together, with Chris doing the writing and two hour phone conversations virtually every night. It was another year Dean Zanuck jumped at the chance to produce it, two more before we got Aaron Schneider to direct it, and four more years after that before we got the funding. Almost ten short  years after I first heard this story, we now have an amazing movie.

Here’s the funny thing: this movie is so good, it was worth the wait.