Jul 052010

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You may not have heard of this one yet, but I hope you get the chance to see it. I saw this indie film from Tin Roof Films last week and it was great. The folks at Tin Roof aren’t afraid to say what it is: a movie about teen obesity and bullying.  It’s a well made film, with powerful performances backing up a solid story.  Jimmy Winterpock’s struggles with his self image, bullying, and girls all were portrayed in a way that I rooted for Jimmy and want him to get the girl, lose the weight, and for everyone in the movie to love him like we do. You may have a clue how it ends, but that’s not the point. Like any good film, the journey is the point, and it’s one you won’t want to miss if it comes to your area.

This film reveals a great truth about human life, which is that some people are “cool,” some people are “not,” but we all have struggles. When we can see past the categories and find common ground in our struggles, we come close to what Jesus called The Kingdom of God. It’s that place where we each value one another and live a life of love and respect for each other in harmony with God. In describing the Kingdom of God Jesus painted a bold vision of human life, and part of how we all experience that Kingdom is by bringing it to others. The Fat Boy Chronicles paints a similar vision, one that I wish would happen more and more in real life. May you be blessed to be the ones through whom God brings healing to a Jimmy Winterpock near you.


  1. Matthew James Gulbranson says:

    Jason Winn is directing one of my upcoming projects written by Scott Sanford called Periphery.