Feb 272012

Citizens wearing Guy Fawkes masks rise up in V for Vendetta

I’m going to make some of you mad right away by clarifying that this entry on my list is the film “V for Vendetta,” and not the original comic book series, but I have a reason for doing so. What I love so much about the movie is the way the fascist Norsefire government came to power, something that the comics do not reveal. In the movie, they came to power through a Reichstag fire ploy. These fascist in this story did what many think the Nazi’s did in 1933- create a national crisis, then use it to seize power. It is worth nothing that in both V for Vendetta and Germany in 1933, the fascists were elected to run the government. It was not a hostile takeover, but one that happened using the democratic system. That is an important warning to us all, and the reason I wish I had written this movie, even though I’m sure it’s going to irritate some of you.