Feb 252012

First cover of the first "Dragonriders of Pern" book

In case you haven’t read these books by Anne McCaffrey, I’ll tell you what makes them so amazing. It’s the same reason they are on my list, which is that in these stories, dragonriders don’t just ride the dragons, they fall more completely in love with each other than any two humans ever could. Their minds and souls merge, but stay distinct, and McCaffrey wrote those moments in such a way that  such a union seemed so wonderful that I wanted that kind of relationship for myself. As an eleven year old boy I wanted a dragon not so I could fly in the sky and shoot fire, but for the depth of the relationship between dragon and rider in these books. It was magical, and in some ways has defined the kind of intimacy I seek with God, my family and those around me. It moved me deeply, and that’s why I wish I’d written them.