Feb 242012

The farmhouse scene

There are two reasons this movie is on my list. The second is a major spoiler- you’ve been warned!

The first is the farmhouse scene at the beginning, which is the screenshot to the right. That scene was so tense, so taut, and it worked so beautifully that I am in awe. This was Quentin Tarantino at his absolute best, drawing us into his characters and their situation so deeply that you can’t look away. I loved every second of it. Sometimes, I just go and watch that scene. It’s that good. That’s the first reason this movie is on my list.
The second reason is that they kill Hitler! How awesome was that! There have been so many movies with Hitler in them, and no one else ever had the insight and the guts to just say “Screw it, this is a movie, it’s not real, and I’m going to kill Hitler! After all, it’s what everyone wants!” Indeed, it is what everyone wanted, and I wish I’d thought of it, and that’s the second reason I wish I’d written this great movie.