May 142012

Not only did one of my quotes recently appear in a movie trailer, now I am also quoted on the back of a book! Both are quotes that tell you how good the book or movie is, and in both cases I mean it, but I must admit that I never really though my opinion could possibly make someone else want to buy something someone else wrote. It’s hard enough believing that having my name attached to something that I wrote myself would make someone want to buy it, but to think that my name could also make a difference for others is, well, rather astonishing.

The book is called Given Moments, and it’s written by my friend Marie Duquette  and her friend Tracy Lawson.  It’s a collection of stories of sixty one people who were blessed by unexpected events. Some of those events were terrible, which makes the blessings even more stunning. One of those sixty one people might even be someone you know (hint hint).

Not only do I highly recommend you pick up a copy and read it, but I also recommend you turn it over and take a look at the back cover and take a look at my quote. The first time I saw it, I felt like Steve Martin in “The Jerk” when he saw his name in the phone book. Take a look:

Well, enough about me. Congratulations to Marie and Tracy! Now go buy this great book!


  1. Tracy Lawson says:

    Hi Scott!!! We love your post, and we just watched the trailer together! We want our names on the back of your next movie…

    Tracy and Marie