Jun 082010

The rumors online seem to indicate that there will be a second season of the SyFy show Caprica. This is great news because Caprica is brilliant. During the four seasons it ran Battlestar Galactica was the deepest, most spiritual show on TV, but it had a limited audience. It seems that women would enjoy it until the war scenes started.  My wife would sit with me while I watched it and she was zeroed in until the shooting started. Then she went back to her magazine.  Great show, but it missed the mark with half the population.

So the creators asked “How can we ask the same questions on a show that both men and women will enjoy?” The result was Caprica, set fifty years before Battlestar Galactica. It is ostensibly about the rise of the Cylons, the race of robots that would destroy humanity in Galactica, but so far you wouldn’t know it yet. Instead, it is a compelling drama about families dealing with tragedy as a result of religious terrorism. Along the way it asks a lot of great theological and spiritual questions, some of which are obvious and some of which are not. For instance, there is an internet-type virtual world where normal people can take on ‘avatars’. Two people, however, are avatar only, surviving in cyberspace despite their human selves dying.  Are they human? Are they people? Caprica asks the same fundamental question as Galactica: What does it mean to be human? It does so in a way that appeals to both men and women.

The writers are not afraid to take risks. Heck, on their website they recently posted a video blog exploring morality and how the characters on the show straddle the line between right and wrong.  

These characters learn and grow and change, and each of the last few episodes had a jaw-dropping moment where I couldn’t believe they did that. Yet they did. It’s a great show, and I really hope the rumors are right and that it comes back for a second season, and that more people watch it, because it is television at it’s best.