Jun 012010

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby was on cable last night. As my wife and I watched it we again found ourselves laughing so hard we snorted. Even the name is brilliant. “The Ballad”?  You expect an Arlo Guthrie song and instead you get Will Ferrell. That alone is hilarious. 

Ricky’s prayers are great. There are two scenes where he prays, and they’re both worth watching. This is my personal favorite.

I like this not just because it’s funny. I really like the way he talks to Jesus. It’s like Jesus is a person, and that’s just great. Jesus called God “Abba,” which is Aramaic for “Daddy.” There was a familiarity and comfort there. Ricky shows that same comfort taken to comedic extreme, but I still think it’s an aspect of his prayer worth emulating. God doesn’t need big, complex prayers. Just talk about stuff you want to talk about. That’s what prayer is. I’ve seen too many people afraid to pray because they don’t think they’re good enough at it, that they don’t have the stamp of “pastor” or the right diploma or something. But God just wants to hear from us. So talk. Just talk.