Jan 192011

I was talking with my friend Mike Buchanan the other day, and he’s pulling together three short Christmas films. The idea is to package them to a network as a one hour Christmas special. Since I only have two unfinished projects (ha ha), I decided to take a crack at one. It just sort of fell out, which was really nice. Then again, it’s only seventeen pages, so there wasn’t a whole lot to fuss over. Still, I’m optimistic. But I’m always optimistic. It’s called “The Bellringers Gift,” and it’s about a homeless Salvation Army Bellringer. We’ll see if it’s any good or not. I am meeting with Mike next Wednesday.

Even if he likes it, and even if it gets made, the reality is that it’s not in time for Christmas 2011. It’s too late. Which just blows my mind. The Christmas specials for this year have already been shot, and the spring and summer will be spent editing, packaging and selling. So we’re looking at 2012. Given that “Get Low” took ten years, I probably shouldn’t be surprised. But it never ceases to amaze me how long it takes to put a film together.

Here’s to a great Christmas 2012!