Feb 012017

You might know this already, but there’s a football game coming up on Sunday, and it’s a BIG one. It’s the Super Bowl, and our Atlanta Falcons are in it! Yay! They are playing the New England Patriots, and in the spirit of Christian love and the big game, Lutherans in my area are challenging the good folks in New England to a contest over something far more important than football: hunger.  That’s right, we’re in a contest with them to end hunger, and I don’t care if you’re Lutheran, atheist, football fan or you only watch the commercials. In this contest, everyone wins, because we’re feeding people…though I must admit I would like to raise more money than them.

Here’s what you do: follow this link to “Team Atlanta” and donate. That’s it. There’s a fun video on the Team Atlanta page and more information if you want it, but the big thing is to get on there and donate. Let’s help end hunger and beat New England!