Aug 202013

I first heard about walkabouts in a great episode of the underappreciated TV show Babylon 5. In it, a character went through a traumatic event, and he took 0ff on a walkabout to rediscover himself. To get his mojo back. That’s what I’ve been doing this summer, and why this blog has been so quiet. I’ve been on walkabout, doing things I couldn’t do while I was pastoring a church so that I could get my mojo back.

I’ve been part of eight trips since The River closed on May 19. Some were people coming here, but most were me going places. I’ve got two more coming up: my college buddies are coming for DragonCon, and I’m going on a backpack elk hunt in Colorado. Eight down, two to go. I’ve enjoyed all of the trips so far, and I am excited about the two coming up. It’s been a great summer.

Maybe Doctor Evil stole my mojo!

I thought my walkabout would be this epic journey of self discovery. What I’ve discovered is that I really don’t need to change myself.  Instead, I found out that no only do I really like my life, I like who I am. I changed a lot while I was part of The River, and I became a better person. I became more who God made me to be, and got rid of a lot of the things that were getting in the way. In other words, this summer wasn’t my walkabout.

The River was my walkabout.

Because I was part of The River, I am changed. I am different. What works out really is that I like this new Scott. I really do. In fact, I like this guy a whole lot more than the one who started The River all those years ago. I hope that in ten years, I hope I look back on who I am right now as I type this and see more growth and change.

But for now, it’s enough to know that my summer of transformation has become a summer of just plain fun. I’ve enjoyed myself tremendously, and discovered that I don’t need to change a ton. I’m in pretty good shape. I’m a bald, unemployed forty year old, and I’m really thrilled to be that.

That’s what I discovered on my walkabout.


  1. Scott Seeke says:

    My reflections on my summer walkabout.

  2. Jennifer Van Ort says:

    Love this. Wishing you peace on the next part of your journey!

  3. Jackie Hutter says:

    Nice, Scott!

  4. Sounds like you're finding the moment and living it. Where and what will come to you.