Feb 282013

Over a month ago, I began this blog series about The Shrinking Church. I’ve blogged about the original article that inspired it, the new way of being church that God is creating, how my church is trying to become on of those new churches, and the amazing stories of personal transformation that people in our church have undergone as a result of our shift.The response to this blog series has been overwhelming. It has become clear to me that there is a hunger and a thirst for this new way of being church that extends beyond my denomination. God is definitely up to something!

When I began this series, I wrote that at the end I would be announcing the date of a workshop where you, the reader, could come and find out more about this new way of being church. Unfortunately, the date and time of that workshop have not been set yet. Rather than keep you in suspense, I thought I would share with you where to go to get information about future workshops. And this way you can also find workshops outside Atlanta.

To find out about upcoming workshops, visit the 3DM events page. ¬†They are amazing teachers of this new way of being church. Lots of people are doing this new way, but there are precious few who can teach you and I how to do it. 3DM are the best teachers I’ve found, and if they can teach me how to do this, I have no doubt they can teach you too.

So find a workshop and find out more!