Feb 272013

It’s not every day that a meteor injures a thousand people, but every day it’s something. Every day something happens that distracts our attention from God. Many days it is more than one thing. How we keep our focus on God, even when a meteor is coming, was the topic of the sermon last week. Based on Luke 13:1-9.



  1. courtney stewart says:

    I liked your breathing exercise and prayer at the end. Have a rare slow time to listen to this on laptop.
    GL sent me his notes for this sunday class he is leading.
    Interesting he picked a Marine Motto in Matthew 22:14 ” For many are called, but few are chosen”
    or Marines picked a Bible verse…
    Manager came into work on past Sunday as extra work needed to get this 25 acre $40 million club opening in June.I still have to take all the 20 hours whenevfer i can work. NOT easy working world out there yet.
    I think you were longer than 2 weeks off facebook.. have good one!