Aug 222012

I realized awhile back that when someone needed help, my brain automatically started thinking of programs that could help. And if I saw a need that wasn’t addressed by an existing program, I would think, “Someone should start a program for that.”   It’s how I was trained, and I think it’s how most of us are trained. Then one day I asked myself, “How many programs did Jesus start?”

I’ll give you a hint as to the answer: it rhymes with “Nero,” and it’s not “hero.”

Jesus never started a program, nor was he ever part of one. When Jesus saw a need, he met it, simple as that. I realized that day that I could, and should, do the same. Here’s an example: a few weeks ago, my friend Patti told me about a family that wasn’t able to buy school supplies. Once I found out about it, before I even knew what they needed, I put this on Facebook:

Then I got the list over email:

Please forgive the poor quality.

By then several people had chipped in, someone went shopping, and all that led to  me handing the supplies off to Patti last week:

So the next time you hear about a need, and you start thinking “program,” stop yourself. Think about how you can help, because Jesus doesn’t call us to start more programs to help people. Jesus calls us to just help them.