Aug 302012

An improved prayer life awaits!

Focusing on God is hard. It can be a real challenge to pray, read the bible, or even worship when there are so many things bouncing around in our brain.

That’s what I was thinking about recently, as I sat in the dentist’s chair, while the hygienist was cleaning my teeth.

There isn’t much to do when you’re sitting in that chair. My dentist has a TV on over the chair, but at eight o’clock in the morning there isn’t much on (there isn’t much on any other time, either, but that’s a different topic). I decided that, rather than just stare at the ceiling and clutching the arms of the chair, I would use this opportunity to practice my ability to focus on God. So I concentrated on relaxing my body, slowing my breathing, clearing the dentist’s office out of my mind, and just praying. It did make the cleaning a bit easier to bear, and I did have a decent prayer time, but I think the larger benefit was that I learned how to better center and focus. It wasn’t the most enjoyable way to learn how to pray better, but all of us go to the dentist, and the next time you do, you might as well pray through it. It’ll make your prayer life better, and that’s¬†way more¬†important than an extra thirty minutes of crappy TV.