Logan. Wow.

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Mar 102017

I just got home from seeing Logan. As in, came home, at lunch, and sat down to type this. There are a lot of reviews that talk about why great Logan is so good. Feel free to read them. I just want to tell you how good it is.

It was amazing.

And when I say “amazing,” I mean it in the true sense of the word. It’s not amazing like the other Marvel movies, which are amazing because of the special effects, or because Iron Man is cute and funny. No, this one was amazing because of how emotionally powerful it was. This film packed such a wonderful emotional wallop that it left my whole family drained. I’m serious. None of us could get up when it was over. We had to sit and take some time to let it all sink. We couldn’t even speak until we got to the parking lot. It was amazing because I’m amazed that I could care so much about these characters, be so moved by this story, and feel so deeply throughout the course of the film.

Logan is not always easy to watch. It is gory, it is profane, and it shows heroes doing some awful things. But there is a beauty and a truth to this film that makes it deeper than any Marvel film yet. This is much more than a superhero movie. Films that are this moving don’t come around very often. Don’t skip it.