Jul 162013

Yesterday I got the proof from publisher Augsburg Fortress for the song I cowrote with my friend William Pasch. The song is called “You’ve Got to Get Low,” and was inspired by my  movie “Get Low.”  The proof looks good, so now the song will go into Augsburg’s queue for publication. It looks like this is actually happening!

Not only am I very excited to be publishing my first ever song, this is another step in the growth of my burgeoning media empire, which now includes film, print, and music. Ironically, what I’ve always wanted more than anything was to get a book published, and that seems to be the hardest. I’m sure, however, that my vast multimedia presence will only increase the opportunities for my book to be published. Watch out Will Smith and Justin Timberlake, there’s a new guy in town! Just look at how worried they are: