This Is Just Cool: Space Elevator

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Mar 282013
This is to scale, if you can believe that.

When I’m driving just about anywhere, I listen to podcasts. I started doing this several years ago when I first got an iPhone, and now it’s pretty much all I listen to in the car. My favorites are Stuff You Should Know, Freakonomics, The Square Ball, and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.  Today I listened to the Stuff You Should Know podcast titled “TV Bonus: Can we build an elevator to space?” I’d never heard of such a thing, so I out the article on the How Stuff Works website and did some other googling. Some people doubt it will ever happen, but even if it doesn’t, the idea is just awesome.

Here’s what it looks like:

And that’s basically it. There’s a platform on the equator, a giant space rope the size of the cables on the Golden Gate bridge, and a climber that goes up and down bringing things to space and back. The cost would be $200 per pound, while the cost of lifting something to space with the space shuttles  was $10,000 per pound.  I can also see a few passenger seats being available for what would undoubtedly be the ride of your life.

I don’t know if this will ever happen, but it is a very, very cool idea.


Word About BOXES Is Spreading!

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Mar 212013
I'm on the left, with writer Michael Buchanan and director Jason Winn, on the set of BOXES.

I’m on the left, with writer Michael Buchanan and director Jason Winn, on the set of BOXES.

Yesterday was a good day for BOXES.

It was a thrill to open up our local newspaper “The Neighbor” and see this nice article about the film.  I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but as long as it’s not a mug shot, I always enjoy seeing a picture of myself in the newspaper.

I also spent about thirty minutes on the phone with another reporter from the Revue & News, and his newspaper will also be covering the story. I expect that article to run next week. This reporter was very interested in the church connection, so hopefully his article will get the word out about both of these projects that I love.

And if you know of a nonprofit that works with homelessness, please use the email link to the right and send me an email! We are looking for charity fundraisers where we can show BOXES and get people thinking and talking  about homelessness.


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Mar 202013

Most of our parents taught us not to talk to strangers. It’s intimidating and scary to even think about. Yet Jesus was not only warm and friendly toward strangers, but they would leave everything and follow him after just a few words! This week we talk about Jesus’s model for greeting strangers and sharing God’s love with them without being weirdos. Based on Luke 19:1-10.


The Accidental Poet

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Mar 062013

Edgar Allan Poe is a perfect example of what poetry does to people.

I thought writing a book was hard, but it turns out that was the easy part. The hard part is writing a query letter.

In case you don’t know, queries are what writers submit to agents. Sometimes you submit parts of the manuscript, but most of the time you just submit the query letter. So you have to take an entire book, in my case forty five thousand words, and condense it into two hundred. And you have to do it with such brilliance that the agent can’t resist requesting the entire manuscript, representing you, and making you both a fortune.

That’s the idea, anyway.

What it looks like at this stage, though, is me staring at the same lines over and over. I change a couple of words one day, a few sentences the next, and it feels like I’m honing in on a great query. I’m just honing in at glacial speed. Seriously. If my query writing was in a race with a glacier, it would be neck and neck, but I’d put my  money on the glacier. That’s how slow it is, and it’s maddening. It’s more like poetry than anything I’ve ever done, and it affirms that I will never, ever be a poet. But to get this book published, I at least have to fake being a poet. I know it.

See what I mean?