Podcast: Sons of Thunder!

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Nov 272011

We begin our series on Christmas gifts with a message about the gifts God wants to give us. We will hear who these brothers from the bible were, what their Mom wanted to get them, and how we can come to God. Based on Matthew 20:20-28.

Podcast: Working the Angles

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Nov 202011

We all lose sight of how blessed we are. It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens a little bit at a time. In this message we hear about how it happens, how to regain our focus when we lose it, and how we can strengthen our relationship to God.  Based on Matthew 20:1-16.

Podcast: It’s Not What It Seems

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Nov 132011

By a wide margin the thing Jesus talked about most was the Kingdom of God. Yet much of what he had to say was confusing. Counterintuitive. And yet it’s true. Embracing the counterintuitive yet amazing Kingdom of God is our topic for today.

This message is based on Matthew 19:23-30, and includes a version of the U2 song “Walk On.” You will need to turn up your volume to hear it. Unfortunately, I can’t post a link to the lyrics, as this is a unique live version from the 9/11 “A Tribute to Heroes” concert.


Fake Clip: Mr. Miyagi Goes Medieval

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Nov 032011

We’re using a clip from The Karate Kid in worship in a couple of weeks, and while doing research I accidentally watched a bunch of YouTube clips from the movie. You know how that goes: one minute you’re doing research, the next minute it’s fifty minutes later and you can’t remember what you’ve been watching but you know it was funny. Well, what this person did to this scene is funny and I remember it.

Little known fact: the scene this is taken from was originally part of the first movie, but it was cut and ended up in the second. It was one of the first scripts I ever read, and it was published at the same time the movie came out. This must have been one of the last edits.