The End of Lost

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May 302010

For six years, I waited for answers. Six years. Every time there was an answer, there were only more questions. Now that the end of Lost has finally come, I wanted to give the finale some time before I passed judgment. After a week in the woods contemplating this and other things, such as why being stung by a hornet on the top of the head hurts more than being stung on the knee, I have decided that the finale of Lost completely and totally rocked. In a word, brilliant.

Let me explain.

It gave us answers, but not facts. I’m fine with that. In fact, in life I have found answers much easy to come by than facts, which remain elusive. We still cannot explain so much about our world and even ourselves with quantifiable facts. But there are answers. There are reasons, and while they may not ultimately be as complete as we would like, they are all we get. Most of the time, they are enough. So while I do not know what the deal was with the mysterious light, I do know that Jack died, and that his death meant something. It was not for nothing. I also know that Sawyer got off the island along with Kate. I know that Ben was redeemed…somewhat. These are all answers to the fate of our characters, but they are not facts. They are better because they tell us what happened in a richer, more meaningful way than facts could ever do. I do not need hours to show me Ben’s redemption. The finale did it beautifully¬†in four sentences. Brilliant.

Why Scott, Why?

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May 302010

Why start this blog? Because it combines my two greatest passions: faith and writing. They are what I enjoy most, and judging from all the spirituality floating around in popular media, I figure some other folks out there are thinking about it too. Hopefully we can have some good conversations and learn from each other. So let’s have fun talking about “Script and Scripture!”